Sword of Sorcery Featuring Amethyst

When my comic pre-order list for September came out a few months back, I saw this particular title and shrugged it off. Having little to no knowledge of any DC characters outside of the main JLA and magical folk, how was I supposed to know that Amethyst was freaking awesome? What did convince me to add it to my list was the Christy Marx stamp.I have fond memories of Jem  (though I will have to argue that the Misfits' songs really are better), and if Amethyst was half as awesome as Kimber (my least favorite Hologram) then it would be totally worth my $3.99.

Uhm, hello! Amethyst is like Stormer but with moxie. Ok, I may be too bogged down by the rush of all my Jem memories, but truly, I enjoyed reading Amethyst. Marx has the amazing ability to create strong, independent, and intelligent female characters without them feeling too preachy about feminism and uncomfortable about their femininity.

Amethyst, Amy Winston, lives the classic "doesn't-fit-in" kind of life. She has turquoise, pink, and black hair, combat trains with her mother, and has that "I-don't-care-what-you-think" attitude that allows her to make quick and clear decisions about what's right and what's wrong. When she turns 17, Amy finds out that she and her mother are actually from Gemworld, currently ruled by her tyrannical aunt. 17 is the right age when Amethyst is able to steal the power from her aunt and claim the throne for herself. So mother and daughter go back to Gemworld, and the issue ends with Amethyst brandishing her sword, running to the thick of battle, a bright purplish glow surrounding her.

BOTTOM LINE: Truly, truly outrageous.