Peter Panzerfaust #6

I have a small confession to make: I have a weakness of reinterpreted stories especially those that take me back to my childhood. It tickles me when my favorite plots or characters are transposed into contemporary stories. Growing up, I always had my nose in a book, which is probably the reason why people always gifted me books for my birthday or for Christmas. It sucked, because I totally wanted more toys, but somehow, everyone thought that I was pretty one-dimensional when it came to my interests. So I accumulated quite a few books, mostly volumes of children's classics. And I read and re-read all the good ones, filling my head with adventures.

Another confession: I have never read Peter Pan. I suppose it's because it wasn't popular enough to consider as a part of children's classics collections (somehow, Heidi was, and that book bored me to painful tears). Plus, the same people who gave me books probably figured that since there was already a Disney movie out about the boy who never wanted to grow up, why the hell should one read about it? Tsk, tsk.

It's a good thing I was a Disney-whore back then, or else I would never have been introduced to the non-stop adventure story of Peter and his assorted gang. It definitely adds layers to my reading experience of Peter Panzerfaust. However, even if you didn't have a clue what Peter Pan was all about, this comic will totally blow your mind.

Issue 6 is narrated by Curly, and we follow the story of how Peter and the Lost Boys attempt to save Felix from his German captors. Curly unfurls their daring strategy of infiltration and deceit by pretending to be Nazi sympathizers. Then-- the unexpected (or expected) happens: Tiger Lily.

First thing's first: the art is consistently spectacular. And fitting for the time period and French  "feel." Tyler Jenkins makes following the story and reading through chunky pieces of dialogue easy to follow and pleasant to the eye. Next, and most importantly, the story is just really a delight to read. It's filled with action but also a lot of character building and introspection through the interviews with the grown-up Lost Boys. I'm never quite sure how characters from the book will fit into the story, and I definitely can't wait to see how what role Tiger Lily plays in WWII.

THE BOTTOM LINE:: Always full of excitement. A Native American lady in WWII France? Wha? How? Can't wait. 

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