Justice League #0

I'll admit that I picked up Justice League because of the Captain Marvel/Billy Batson storyline. I felt a bit guilty for skipping through anything that didn't mention anything Trevor-Diana, but I think my guilt is totally validated by this 0 issue on the origin of Captain Marvel.

The orphaned Billy FINALLY finds himself in the Rock of Eternity and comes face to face with the last of the Council of Wizards (the Wizard Shazam, I presume?), who has spent a loooong ass time trying to find someone who is pure and good to which he will bestow the powers of the Shazam.

For me, the best part in the comic is the exchange between the unconvinced Wizard and Billy about the qualifications for he-who-should-wield-the-powers-of-Shazam. Billy waxes on idealism vs reality and the unfortunate truth that humans are sadistic and imperfect. So the Wizard and perhaps the reader as well, believe him and settle for the next best thing: one who possesses the potential to be good.

THE BOTTOM LINE:: Apart from the meta-connection that tickles me to death, the many hilarious panels of Captain Marvel reveling in his newly-acquired powers make this my favorite issue to come out this week. 

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