Daredevil #18

Foggy takes the spotlight for a moment when he is approached by a man seeking counsel advice so he could defend his wrongfully accused sister in court. Though it pains him to admit it, Foggy has been so influenced by Matt, that he takes the case even though his new client has no way of compensating his services.

Meanwhile, Matt, on a date with  Kirsten McDuffie (yet another hottie who falls for the lucky redhead) is about to score when he senses that something is amiss. After brushing Kirsten off, he is flabbergasted to find his insane wife, Mila, in his bed. She's supposed to be in an asylum, so he phones Foggy asking for his help to check up on her. Foggy, even though he's still broiling with anger, relents to do so, and, in turn, asks him to check up on a lead for his case.

Which is where Matt, now donning his Daredevil threads, discovers that he's probably, most definitely INSANE.

What? Matt Murdock is insane? Could Doctor Doom's torturing experiments have anything to do with Matt's seeming hallucinations?

THE BOTTOM LINE:: The Eisner was rightfully awarded. Glad that Mila's back because that means the shit is about to hit the fan.

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