DC Relaunch Reads: Why I'm Excited

Though I'm sad and upset that a lot of my favorite DC titles aren't going to be relaunched this coming September (Think Secret Six and Gotham Sirens), on the whole, I'm pretty excited. See, I'm not a big DC reader. (I know, I just blasphemed all over this space) I blame it on my upbringing. My comic-reading uncle who got me into comics was a big Marvel man, and I spent many a lazy summer day flipping the pages of his old Avengers and Spiderman issues, lusting over Scarlet Witch's costume and wishing I were in the arms of the macho Thor. (Gosh, my childhood was warped)

Being a child of the 90s, I grew up watching the super popular X-men series (1992), which explains my obsession with Storm, big hair, and shoulder pads. Sure I watched Batman: The Animated Series (1992-95) and Wild C.A.T.S.(1994), but neither the stylistically drawn characters of Catwoman or Poison Ivy nor the outspoken and commanding personality of Zealot could captivate my attention as much as the blue eyes, melodic voice, and awesometastic hair of Ororo Munroe could.

Young and very impressionable, I was hooked with everything "X." I got comfortable with the characters and the stories, which made it easier for me to transition to other Marvel titles. For a long time (as in until 2007), my knowledge of all things DC came from whatever I remembered watching in cartoons or in movies. OK, that's not true. I read a little bit of Catwoman back in the early 90s, but I don't remember much of it now, only that her costume was purple and awesome.

At some point, more specifically, during high school, I gave up all kind of pleasurable reading, desperate to mold myself into the nerdiest chemical engineer to ever walk the earth. Eight years and an English degree later,  I married a comic-loving man who got me back into reading them. Of course, I wanted to impress him. So I spouted off whatever bits of Marvel knowledge that had stuck. Marvel was familiar. Marvel was comfortable.

One of the first DC titles that my fonfon ru got me interested in was Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges's Shadowpact series. Gail Simone's Secret Six followed. After that, I was hooked. I read Kingdom Come, Identity Crisis, 52... Slowly, I was adding to my DC arsenal. But I never felt quite as comfortable with DC characters, their own stories, and how they connected with previous arcs/characters.

I'm the type of reader who WANTS to read between every single line. I wanna know exactly why a character puts on a sly smile when mentioning something seemingly trivial. I want to be a CONTINUTY MAVEN! 

So there.

Here's what my September list is looking like so far:
1. Action Comics
2. Batgirl
3. Green Arrow
4. Swamp Thing

5. Batman and Robin
6. Demon Knights
7. Green Lantern
8. Red Lanterns

9. Birds of Prey
10. Wonder Woman

11. Aquaman
12. Justice League Dark
13. The Savage Hawkman

♥ Laura

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