Meeting Schmeeting

Let's just start with this: This semester has been extremely busy.

Apart from the unending amounts of reading and writing I have to do, I also have a few obligations that require me either presenting or attending meetings.

I dunno about you, but I am not a "meeting" kind of gal. If there's food, fine, I'll look interested. But in all honesty, meetings are really awkward, and most of the time, they're set only to force people to finally do something they should've already done on their own a long time ago. Ok, I exaggerate.

But that's what stress does to one, I suppose... Drive them to exaggeration.

My recent curiosities have (finally) impelled me to seek out new comic book titles, and I am happy to announce that I am no longer a Green Lantern virgin. As an added tidbit, it was really Guy Gardner who forced me into it. [ooh!]

I came upon this little treasure of a strip a few days ago:

I'll go into Leezle Pon some other day, since he's battled Despotellis who infected Guy Gardner with his nasty bits. And we all know how much I love me my Guy Gardner.

Back to the topic. This strip made me WISH I was like Dkrtzy (whom I only learned about after reading this strip!)

If I were a bio sentient mathematical equation, I would be totally set. Apart from the most RAD ability to erase the "brains of [my] enemies" (because we all know that "brains" are just a conglomeration of 2D, multi-colored, crayon-drawn scribbles on the paper-canvas that is known as the "head"), can you imagine how meetings with my colleagues would be like?

Colleague A: Hey guys, I've noticed that some people haven't been coming to our meetings.

Colleague B: Oh are you talking about her?

Colleague A: Seriously. I can't believe she's been able to dodge meetings every since she started working     here! I swear, it's totally unfair.

Colleague B: I bet she's sleeping with... 

Colleague C: You MORONS! Don't you know that Laura is a progressive mathematical equation who can only be perceived by the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY? Be grateful she hasn't erased your brains yet. 

Yup, what a sweet life I'd live. 

♥ Laura

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