Fashion Post: I Love Thor.

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outfit details:
navy dress:
F21, modified by me :: grey leggings: JCPenney :: striped legwarmers: courtesy of Mel ::
red cardi: thrifted :: black booties: Payless :: bangles: Maurices :: wing earrings: made be me
As some of you may already know, I am a huge comic book geek, and one of my most favoritest (if not my ultimate favorite) Marvel comic book character has been Thor. So, when, two days ago, I was lucky enough to score a couple of movie passes for an advanced screening of the movie, I was overcome with child-like glee--the kind that leaves you sleepless, uninterested in food, and extremely anxious but also paranoid (OK, maybe that's just me). 

Anyway, when I started blogging, I stumbled upon Betty Felon's tumblr. And I love all her reinterpretations of superhero styles into wearable street wear. Secretly (ok, not really that "secretly"), I longed to be able to put together something like those of her awesome outfits. Given that I had two days notice of the event and a thesis to turn in, I jumped at the opportunity, which I am oh so glad for since my mild depression over the slump of the semester was magically lifted.

So I set off to aSECRET MISSION-- to make a street-wear worthy Thor outfit! I didn't want to have to pay too much for a new outfit, so I got this dress from F21 (which was WAY too big at the top/back, but still worked) for $11. All the rest I had on hand. 

I won't say much about the movie, except that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Apart from being a huge Thor fan, I think Chris Hemsworth is a hunk of hotness. I also love Kenneth Branagh and am in awe of his amazing ability to reinterpret a comic book character, with a lot of continuity behind it, for people to enjoy. Coming from an academic standpoint, this movie really holds dear to my heart (and the months' worth of work I've done with Old English and Anglo-Saxon magic). As a comic book reader, I thought the essentials were taken care of, and that Tom Hiddleston was an amazing, amazing Loki.  

♥ Laura


  1. Laura,

    First off, I love the digs! How did you make the earrings? My wife would love to know. Second, I hope the movie doesn't fail to flatter your post, I've been looking forward to Thor for some time now. But, I'm sure since it met with your favor, it will be awesome!

    Btw, Rock-out at your defense! (If you haven't already:)


  2. LOL -- I know nothing about Thor, even though I've seen trailers for the movie. I think the shiny circles are brilliant. hahahaha.