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Yes, I am a sucker for Marvel movies. Let's not go into talking about the quality of the movies because I don't care-- I can get my story fix by reading the comics. Anyway, it's no secret that I am melting over the THOR movie due next year and the AVENGERS movie in a couple of years, but the X-MEN FIRST CLASS movie just earned more cookies in my book when I found out that January Jones got cast as my favorite X-men character ever, Emma Frost.

OK. So that's not totally true. For a long time, Storm was my fave, but I always liked, ok, more like LOVED Emma Frost even though she was the evil, malicious, and malevolent White Queen. I wanted to be her, I won't lie, and now, I'm so pleased that she has Scott Summers wrapped around her finger. Not to mention Namor.

Anywho, I am also a HUGE January Jones fan. I love her reply about looking profoundly sad in the critically acclaimed show, Mad Men, "No, it's just that my people are Nordic." SO! When the news about the casting broke, I was delighted!

This first look at Jones as Emma came out two days ago. My husband declared, "ugly costume, huh?" and I slapped him silly in disagreement. Look at those boots! And the hat is just adorable. I'm still not so sure about the date of the setting, but judging from the costuming here, it looks to be from retro times... I'm gonna guess "mod" with the cut of the dress, but then again, mod is so totally in these days.

So, there you go. My excitement over this, along with my excitement over the Thor movie, will carry me over throughout the whole schoolyear and give me something to work towards.

But tonight, it's all about getting the zzzzs.

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