A Letter to Matt Fraction

Picked this up from my local library. (Support your library, kids. Explore it. You'll be surprised with the treasures you'll find.)

The Five Fists of Science (2006)
story: Matt Fraction
art: Steven Sanders

This inspired me to write a letter.

Dear Mr. Fraction,

I consider myself to be an astute reader. I have worked, since childhood, to accumulate a book base to build my cred (street and off-street) up to "book snob." As my snobbishness grew, I thought myself too good to even glance at the works of popular and well-loved authors such as Jane Austen, Herman Melville, and Mark Twain. And while I still feel somewhat that way (to a much lesser degree now that I know much more) about Jane Austen, I have recently gained an immense appreciation towards American Literature and the genius of Melville through. Even after that, I still felt hesitant towards Twain, though, even though I vividly recall the details in his "Mysterious Stranger." I somehow only associated him with steamboats, rivers, and rafts. Upon reading your Five Fists of Science graphic novel, though, I think I will pick up some Twain when ample time becomes available to me to leisurely enjoy a book.

Thank you.


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