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I apologise for taking so long to post again. I've been extremely busy with school work and getting some kind of routine down that I've neglected getting comics read and commented on on time. Wednesday nights are looking to be busy for me this semester, so I end up reading comics Thursday nights or during the weekend. Anywhoozles, here are a couple from last week's haul that I thought were interesting.

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Secret Six #25

I am a huge Gail Simone fangirl, and I will stick to reading Secret Six as long as she writes it. While I am upset that the original team has been disbanded, this issue totally rocked my socks. After the previous (kinda confusing, totally out of nowhere, but still awesome) issue, I was relieved to see that Simone didn't abandon the previous plot. Also, even though I'm not so accepting when new (and less known) characters get involved, the panels that made me chortle with glee involved King Shark. When he growled, "KING SHARK VS. MEGA-BIRD!" and, "JAWS 7, EVEN MORE REVENGE" as he took a huge chunk of those griffin-like creatures, my eyes shimmered in wonder and awe.

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Isn't he dreamy?

The second comic I wanted to (briefly) comment on is part 2 of the Children's Crusade Avengers Arc.

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Avengers: Children's Crusade 2/9

When Heinberg wrote Young Avengers a while back, I was completely hooked. Theeeen... nothing happened. Then, of course, I discovered the Runaways, and nothing (I deemed) could hold a candle to them. But then, the Vaughn stopped writing the Runaways, and my monthly ration of teen romance/angst/adventure/apathy promptly ended. (Sorry guys, Whedon's run SUCKED. ) Anyway, this month's Children's Crusade issue actually reminded me of the early Runaways issues. It may be because of the focus on Wiccan and his (very amusing) aesthetic choices-- I giggled with all the Sound of Music references. Nonetheless, I thought the Young Avengers actually acted like teens here, and I felt like each of their characters got the chance to be (briefly) fleshed out, so they all stand out from one another. It's been a while since that's happened. Although I am getting tired of how s..l..o..w their character developments are going. Then again, you can't tell a story if there isn't a title comic to tell it in.

Ok. That's it for tonight. As you can probably tell, I am not fully functional, so my prose is extremely clunky and unedited. My apologies. Will get better when I have time to edit.


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