Awesome Comics of the Week: Mystery Society #2 and X-Factor #209

So, guys and gals, I am super thrilled today because I finally can see. Literally. After living 25 years on this green earth without the aid of any optical prosthetic, (monocle, glass eye, or otherwise) I finally succumbed to what I deemed all along was necessary. And thank goodness I did. I finally realized how clear things can look like! The grass is greener, the sky bluer, even the cement looks lustrous with my renewed sight.

But enough of this dribble. Onward ho to more fantastic things. Let's start with Peter David's X-Factor #209.

What can I say? I am a total X-Factor whore. This arc is actually, in my opinion, one of the more dynamic, more exciting ones so far. I love that Shatterstar and Longshot are part of the team now, and I am ever so pleased to have Layla back. I think Peter David is just so great at fleshing out individual characters and keeping consistent and true to their individualities, not just in how they talk, but in what they believe. The whole involvement with Asgard is really getting me pumped, first with Hela (who I think is absolutely gorgeous) and it's looking like Thor'll be thrown in the mix soon enough. The art (by Emanuela Lupacchino) is... Ok. One of the better artists who have drawn the comic, but not the best. All the women still look the same, but at least they look human. I'm surprised to see Layla Miller have ginormous boobs. Oh well, it was bound to happen. When are she and Jamie gonna get together? WHEN?

Second on my list is Steve Niles' Mystery Society #2

So, apparently, issue #3 came out this week, but I guess we came in to the shop too late, and all the copies were gone. Oh hwell. We'll get it one of these days. I LOVED the first issue. A huge part of that is really influenced by the amazing art by Fiona Staples. Seeing her art makes me wish I stuck to it when I was a kid. I used to be really in to drawing and design, and that got nipped pretty quickly, and my path to science and medicine plotted out for me (which isn't even the case now). But that is neither here nor there. I am enamored, not just by Nick Mystery, but by his beautiful, elegant, and almost vapid wife, Anastasia. Maybe posh is a better word. I'm really IN to "build phases," by that I mean, the accumulating-the-members-of-the-team phase. So, we'll see how the plot eventually develops... I really can't wait until the next issues come out.

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