Not So Sure If It's Awesome, But It Sure Was Super:

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I loved issue #1. I raved about issue #1. I couldn't wait to see what Straczynski had up his sleeve to make, what I think, is a flat, overused archetype into something more interesting, more modern, more humanized. Alas, while the first issue made me think that Superman was going to take care of himself and his needs, this issue reverts back to the old Superman, thinking more about what he can do for everyone else, saving everyone's lives, single-handedly saving a national problem, being absolutely Super in every way.

This irked me. Why did Superman have to be so damn amazing even when he's not flying or actively doing superhero-ey stuff? How in the hey could he solve the national unemployment problem AND the illegal alien immigration problem just like that? (Was that even really a problem? If so, who gave him authority to preside over the the well-being of the human race?)

But that's where Stracyzynski catches me. This issue is all about what one person can do for humanity-- the gospel that Superman preaches and acts on. A god who wants to be human to serve the human good. Is that what Superman is fated to be?

And though it upsets me that he seems to be infallible, genial, and perfect in every way, perhaps that's exactly the key to his long-standing fame and admiration.

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