Blows My Mind to Shreds: Strange Science Fantasy #2

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Oh man, where have I been? The past couple months have been a little bit tight, and so perusing the comic book shelves has been an indulgence for me and my husband. Rarely do we pick up unfamiliar titles or those with intriguing covers, and even rarer do we scour the web for recommendations lest we get tempted to squander our tomato funds. But once in a while, we cough up four dollars in anticipation of a mind orgasm previewed by an amazing cover with the words "The Shogunaut has landed." That's exactly what we got. I got multiple ones.

The first thing that I noticed with this comic was the hypnotic smell of the paper. (not to mention the thickness and texture of the pages) I'm a bibliophile (which means I spend most of my reading time on land, some in water), and will never EVER EVER! switch to the convenient and stylish digital readers because it changes the reading experience. ANYWAY! That's the first thing I noticed.

The rest just kinda attacked my mind-- the art, the stories, the narration, the panels, the font--all joined as one and banged roughly and without care on my delicate brain house. It was amusing, it was profound, it was genius. Nature and Science and Magic all team up against God, basically. It's a story of war; It's a story of bravery. It's a quest and a conquest. It's a story about faith AND about individuality. Most importantly, it's a story about love.

Reading this, I imagine one of those radio broadcasters from the 40's narrating the story, while the accompanying panels illustrate a most imaginative and vivid palette that results from the lack of mind-numbing television.

What a treat.

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