Awesome Comic of the Week: X-men Curse of the Mutants #2

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I'll say it now: this choice was made by a complete X-men obsessed freak, so many may disagree that this comic deserves the title for this weeks' batch. Fine. I understand. I got into a long argument with my husband last night about why he thought this comic was terrible, despite the fact that he finished it, laughed at some bits, and was thrilled to see Blade make an appearance. I have to admit, though, that choosing ONE awesome comics for this week's post was extremely hard for me, and as I stare at the others looking up at me, begging me to give them a chance, I decided to write on all 4 I thought were phenomenal. This'll make up for last week's lack of thrill and perhaps the weeks to come.

I still stand by my choice for this particular X-men comic, though. Why?
1. The playful banter between Colossus and Wolverine at the very beginning hooked me. I mean, really, when you've been working with the same people every single day for the last, oh, forty years, wouldn't you develop some sort of dynamics with them? I was amused and completely sold.
2. Blade teaming up with the X-men??!?

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The X-men have fought mutants, mutant haters, sentinels, and aliens. I am just thrilled to see them fight vampires. And where there are vampires, there is Blade. This time, he's got some weird facial/head hair going on. . . I'm enthralled by his somewhat pedo-stache and his amusing statements like, "This baby bends the harmful rays out of the way better than SPF ten-billion sunblock" or "You don't dig up Hitler to get rid of Saddam Hussein!"
3. Jubilee is back. REPRESENT!
4. Kavita Rao knocked unconscious by Jubilee. I only wish Gishler gave us more than just a panel of, what I can only imagine was, an epic battle. Never liked the woman, never will.

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