(Another) Awesome Comic of the Week: Invincible Iron Man #29

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Like I just said, it was really hard for me to just pick one AWESOME comic of the week. I never was a big Iron Man fan. I never really read his comics until a few issues back, and yes, that would make me a fan by way of movie, although in my defense, I already knew he was an ass before they came out. Instead of being totally asshole-ish and arrogant though, we see Stark in such a milder light this time: giving in to Potts' request for an armor, his seemly romance with his long-time secretary, getting involved in the workings with his much smaller, more character-filled work staff, to name a few. What won it for me, though, is the variety of stories and character perspectives packed into one issue. I gotta say, the pacing in this issue is just well-done. There were multiple plot points exposed and given just the right amount of pages, and all plots seem to be interconnected leading to one gigantic revelation.

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