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I am currently reading volume 9 of Bill Willingham's Fables. I know, I know, I'm a LOT late on the news, and I really should have picked it up a long time ago, but I used to be extremely picky about what I read. Also, I didn't think Fables would fit my style. I remember thumbing through the first few pages of volume one a few years back thinking to myself, You are much too old for this fairy tale stuff, Laura. Go back to reading X-men. I know, it makes no sense.

Now, I am addicted. I HAVE to get my hands on all the issues. And I HAVE to delegate the remainder of my summer break to getting up to speed on all the goings on in the Fables world. Whenever I sit down to read a volume (I usually try to finish a trade in one sitting), I get completely lost. I concentrate on the the clothing, the look of the characters, and any accessory that they may be sporting. Right now, i am really digging the effortless and classy style that Snow sports. I love the flowy ensembles she chooses even if they look costumey... (I'm talking about the jacket with the fringes hanging from her arms). If I had picked up the series when it started, I am sure I would have gravitated towards Red Rose's look: spunky and spirited topped with a bountiful shock of red hair.

Recently, I've been trolling the interwebs for new clothing or hair ideas since I'm really itching for a change. Somehow, I stumbles upon the following photos and I immediately thought, Fables!

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Shoe 1: Swan Princess-y but I am sure it would work for Snow as well. My gosh, I would love to own a pair of these darlings. I mean, look at all that glitter! Plus, the construction and heel style are actually quite interesting-- even when you strip all the flashiness away from the shoe, it would still be a most amazing piece.

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Shoe 2: Very Alive in Wonderland-esque a la Tim Burton. I really like the unsymmetrical look to the pair with the unevenly sized roses and the odd assortment of charms draped onto each side.

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Shoe 3: These shoes are horrendous looking, but I had to put it here because I really just LOVE Bigby. I mean, how could you not? He's Wolverine, but taller and much, much nicer.

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While we're talking about fashion, I thought I would put my two cents about Wonder Woman's redesigned costume by Jim Lee.

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I've seen lots of reviews on her costume, a lot of it negative. While picking up our comics from the shop last week, our local comic book guy asked me what I thought of the design, no assessment, just what came to my head when I first saw the design. I looked at it, grimaced, and said, "this is just horrid." After talking about it more with my husband, I felt really guilty about my assessment. I mean, I love Jim Lee... and I can't believe he created this costume! Maybe back in the 90s, this would've been fly, but now?

1. The details on her costume, the lines that make her clothing seem like metal, remind me of robot/sci-fi animes like Gundam Wing or Evangelion.

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I mean, even those buckles on her feet seem like they were meant to latch and lock into some sort of robot. Maybe Wonder Woman's invisible plane now turns into a mecha!

2. Her jacket. Why would she all of a sudden decide that she needed a jacket? Besides the fact that it's too short and cropped to look cool and modern, the color choice seemed like an afterthought. I imagine the thinking process went like this:
Well, I got the red and gold... And blue tights just seems to be so unflattering... and I already put the white stars on the jacket, what color should I make the actual jacket? black? No, that would just be too color coordinated. Oh shit! I forgot blue!

3. Her gloves. Or arm warmers. Whatever they are, they sure as hell ain't just bangles no more. What? did wearing those bangles irritate her skin so much that she needed some cloth lining underneath to protect her skin? Isn't she supposed to be above the concerns of humans anywho? Also, wouldn't that just be uncomfortable having a loop go through one of your fingers?

* A lot of people have complained about her "leggings." I see no leggings here, actually, more of like an armor. She may be wearing leggings underneath it all, I dunno.

So yeah, I am really quite disappointed with this "redesign." I can only hope that the stories coming out with this costume are set back where Wonder Woman would be ahead of the fashion curve, the disappointing 90s.

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