Thor Movie Thoughts: A Rambling

So, there's been a large influx of pictures all over the interwebs of screenshots from the upcoming Thor movie. Being the Thor whore that I am, I have been all over them for the past few days, imagining possibilities, conjuring up possible plot lines, scrutinizing, criticizing. Here are two pics and my thoughts:

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1. Thor/Donald Blake pulling out the hammer from, what seems to me, a hardened mass of mud. My god, (Thor) when I saw this picture, I almost fainted. I cannot believe that Chris Hemsworth bulked up that much! And look at that perfect amount of scruffiness that just renders him sexy. Although I'm a little upset that the hammer is the old-style design, I forgive whoever OKed that decision because I think Mr. Hemsworth looks just like the Thor I imagine.

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2. Odin and Thor, full Asgardian garb in, what I am assuming is, the hall of Valhalla. Firstly, what happened to the traditional depiction of the hall being covered in furs, golden serving ware, and casks of wine and mead? Look at the background in this pic: observe the intricate-looking, but uniformly made (almost mass produced) giant discs that make it seem like the characters occupy a tiny space in the insides of a huge clock. These men are warrior gods, for goodness sakes! Won't they want to have their war gear in constant display instead of Jotunheimian cogs and gadgets? I got to say though, I am much more pleased with how the costumes turned out, especially since the concept drawings came out on the interwebs. I love that Thor's arms are still covered in that mail-esque metal working and that those dots on his chest are raised buckles. But, I still say, they should have gone with the Ultimate Thor story and costume as well.

Nonetheless, I love Kenneth Branagh too much to bash his choices for the movie. I am still excited to my socks to see it in theaters, so I can drool to a big screen version of my favorite hero.

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