Harry Potter #7 trailer

So, this isn't a comic post, but I just had to put it up here since I am exuding excitement as I type. I saw the trailer a few days back, but I just only got a chance to really look at it today. Well, I dunno if the acting will ever change, but it does seem that the graphics, effects, and lighting in the upcoming movie are more authentic to what I perceived them to be as described in the books.

My favorite movies in the series are the first and second ones because they remained faithful to the book. I understand that movie producers, directors, etc also want to exercise their creative interpretations of the books, but I really just enjoyed seeing how what I had imagined settings, clothing, and people to look like in the book come to life. In my opinion, the earlier movies depicted a more believable other world for me because they didn't only concentrate on the teen angst and drama among the characters, but the people who worked on it made sure to pay attention to the setting around these characters, their demeanor, and their clothing.

Hopefully, the last two movies won't disappoint.

Here's the trailer. Enjoy.

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