Gar would have loved it...

Like many people, I have a huge bag of celery in my fridge. Unlike those people, I absolutely loathe the vegetable. I have never liked eating it with hot wings or with ranch dressing or with peanut butter and raisins. I just cannot get over how utterly disgusting it tastes and how crunchy it is. I bought a bag for $1.49 yesterday because I needed two stalks for a braised lamb shank recipe cooking in my oven as I type. I chose the largest of the stalks in the bag and I still had a TON leftover.

I really hate wasting food, and I'm also a cheapskate, so even though I HATE HATE HATE celery, I looked up a recipe that would use up all the ones that would have sat in the fridge until next month anyway.

I found a delicious Cream of Celery recipe from The Joy of Soup, made a silent promise to find more recipes that don't call for celery, and chopped five heaping cups of those green sticks.

After about 20 minutes of cooking, I was uber surprised at how delicious the soup was! There was no trace of celery in it! I was so proud of myself, I kept on thinking (as I stirred) Man, Laura! I'm sure Beast Boy would totally love this soup! But then I remembered that I had two pounds of bacon sitting in the freezer, and bacon totally makes anything 100 times better! I just added 2 chopped strips to the recipe and nommed a bowl right up!

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