Awesome comic of the week: X-Women one shot

I got 3 awesome comics from this week's haul. I promise to do all of them as soon as possible.

Let's start off with my favorite, written by Chris Claremont with the art by Milo Manara, a one shot of X-Women.
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I'll confess, I purchased this comic because of the cover. It looks like an explosion of lewd lesbian temptation, so I just HAD to buy it... I kid. Although it may seem that way, I really like it when artists portray women as soft and delicate creatures. In the cover, it really makes no sense why all four girls have their mouths rounded out while wither hanging from vines or cavorting in the water while fully clothed. But what do I know about being a superhero?

When I saw this on the comic stands, I excitedly squealed, "Chris Claremont!" And when I got home, i immediately started researching Milo Manara. Oh man, do I love his stuff! It's like he knows how women want to be drawn: soft and graceful with flowy hair and big, puffy lips. The clothing he chooses to drape his women in only flatter their figures.

The picture above has got to by one of my favorite drawings of his. Exquisite.

Story-wise, I must admit, I just really had fun reading this comic. But I really would have liked more characterization on Betsy's part. Kitty Pride really is the least favorite of all the X-men characters, and it really irked me when Magneto brought her back from that absurd bullet traveling in space. But oh well, I suppose there are a people out there who are attracted to the girl-next-door sort. Blah. But it was nice to just see these women "adventuring"-- it's like those marvel swimsuit editions were finally given stories. hahaha.

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