Awesome comic of the week: Superman #701

I have been staring at my screen for minutes just trying to figure out how to start this post. Really. I suppose I could start by saying, AGAIN, that I am not a DC kind of girl. But I've said that a million times, and truthfully, I find myself slowly changing my mind. I mean, I do subscribe to a few titles: Secret Six, (for now) Bruce Wayne/ Return of Batman, Gotham Sirens... I even enjoyed more than a handful of titles and arcs: Shadowpact, JLI, 52, Identity Crisis... So, I guess I really can't say I'm NOT a DC kind of girl anymore. Recently too, I think that DC is making some strides in appointing AMAZING writers and artists. I'm thinking Gail Simone here, but also Paul Cornell and J. M. Straczynski, two of my favorite comic book writers.

When I heard the news that Straczynski and Cornell were exclusively writing for DC for a while, I was crushed. This meant I wouldn't expect to see Captain Britain of any of the MI13 crew any time soon. This also meant that The Twelve would be put on hold. Plus! What? I wondered, would happen to THOR???

So I was still so sulky about this change when I picked up the Brave and the Bold team-up of Aquaman and Etrigan. That sold me. I just HAD to get everything Straczynski EVEN if it was from DC. So even though I hesitated with Superman 701, I caved in and got it anywho.

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Let me explain myself here a bit. Yes i know I said I was going to get ALL of Straczynski's works, but I also said the I was hesitant towards his Superman. WHY? I think that, like Batman, there aren't a lot of interesting Superman stories anymore. Also, he's just too strong, too perfect, too... unreal.

These are exactly what Straczynski seems to be going against in this month's issue.

Somehow, just like he did to Thor, Staczynski makes Superman interesting again. Maybe it's the humanizing effect of his new plan to walk across the US. Maybe it's the story itself that is to be credited. Maybe it's that combined with the amazing art. I am totally excited to see how this develops and how Wonderwoman shapes up as well.

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