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I really feel blah this summer for not planning ahead to go to any conventions. This blahness is exacerbated by the amazing pictures and updates MARVEL has been posting on their fb page, to which I have subscribed. This makes it easier to be in the loop with the goings on of the Marvel comic world instead of having to troll their website 24/7.

Anywho, I found this picture in one of their updates:

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Well, not so much that Joss Whedon is directing it, but I am pretty pleased with the casting. Effing Robert Downey Junior seems to be playing himself a lot these days... Which is fine by me, since coincidentally, RDJ is just how I imagine Tony Stark to be.

Scarlet Johanssen, eh. I don't know why Black Widow would be integral to any Avengers plot, but I'm assuming she won't have any function whatsoever since her acting skills are nil.

Oh my two favorite Chris's.. standing right next to each other. Chris Hemsworth is amazingly hot and has exceeded my expectations for Thor. Just look at his pictures! I cannot believe he has bulked up that much. And when he grows his facial hair out he just looks the part. Now, I know there has been lots of complaints about Chris Evans double dipping into the Marvel world. Who cares? I mean, if one really takes a good look, who else could play Captain America? [ I am most biased in this opinion since I think Evans is both attractive and charming, and therefore, has my full support] The funniest suggestion, I thought, was John Krasinski, who to me just has much too long of a face, a weak chin, and a comical nose to play one of the most iconic American heroes of all time.

Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk? Sigh. I dunno, I just don't know. I'm not a big fan of the way he talks. There, I said it.

Here's the most exciting bit! HAWKEYE is going to be played by JEREMY RENNER! And I can totally see him being Hawkeye. Now, I hope Whedon is smart enough to make sure Renner borrows some 'tude and bad-assery from Ultimate Hawkeye. I got no beef against the regular man, but Ultimate Hawkeye is a force to be reckoned with.

So, that's that. I just wanted to post more of my dorkiness for the world to know. But you can't say you aren't excited for the Avengers movie to come out! Till next time,

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