What I'm Reading Now: Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory

I rarely get excited by anything DC. I usually bypass Superman and yes, even Batman comics, and I steer clear of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern all together. Part of this aversion is caused, I think, by my unfamiliarity with anything DC. I know very little about any of the characters' stories or the histories of any of its superhero groups. And I am the type of person who is often intimidated by something they don't understand. I recall trying to read and appreciate some DC arcs such as Countdown or 52. While I was generally amused, I never really could fully comprehend the characters or the gravity of the crisis at hand. The first DC title that got me really excited was Shadowpact by Bill Willingham. I think it was because he assembled a MAGICAL team-- something that is, in my opinion, extremely hard to write in comics since there is such a fine line between cheesy and amazing when it comes to explaining and portraying magic. Apart from the team being "magical," Willingham also explored their individual ties with magic and the mystical world, so really, I was getting mini stories along with the overarching plot.

Another DC title I read is Gail Simone's Secret Six. My gosh, I can't contain myself about this series! I love love love!!! Gail Simone! I think her writing is exquisite-- she has the talent of making sure that each of her characters constantly stays distinct, and her dialogues are believable and amusing at the same time. I can honestly say that I love each and every one of her characters-- all for different reasons.

So it seems that I'm a big "group" kind of person. Well, what can I say? My tastes in comics are like my tastes in dining. I don't like getting bored, so I especially like it when my meal consists of small portions of differing flavors. (My gosh, I love Korean restaurants!)I like the drama and tension that groups bring, and I like to root for different characters. So it's no surprise that I really enjoyed Grant Morrison's first volume of
Seven Soldiers of Victory.

I'm already a Grant Morrison fan, anywho: I cried reading WE3 and I gushed over his depiction of Emma Frost in his New X-men. In this series, however, I found myself actually LIKING all of the unfamiliar characters he pooled together. I'm a big Anglo-Saxon freak so of course, I liked Justin and Vanguard and the whole Avalon story. I love pirates, so of course I liked the Manhattan Guardian story with the underground pirates! AAAANd... I like magic, so yes, I did like the Zatanna story. I also love, love, LOVE! all the art in each of the stories. Especially Frazer Irving's depiction of Klarion and his Roanoke Puritans.

No conclusion. Must get back to working.
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