To Dress A God

My husband sent me this picture this morning:

originally from CBR

The big Thor dork that I am, of course, I swooned. Then I looked again. I'm not quite sure I like this costuming. It almost looks too synthetic with the plastic-looking armor and arm bands. I'm not digging the boots either. There seems to be way too much detailing on the breastplate that the "scaly" arm protection seems too much and out of place, like an afterthought. I dunno what the little red kerchiefs peeking out of his forearms are for either... To pull the outfit together with the color of the cape?

Is the goal of costume designers to make Thor look as contemporary/realistic as possible? Because, for me, this is just not working. Thor's feathered helmet is nowhere in sight, so that's a good thing. But, the cape is still there. That gigantic piece of red fabric just screams "LAME" unless you look like Coipel's Thor:

Big, beefy, and privy to the secrets of nature, (how else would his cape get so much lift like that) Coipel's Thor can totally ROCK that cape. I suppose his physique is also different. He's thick and everything about his is GRAND. Even his boots are grand. The costume is also different-- focusing more on the actual (what we can only assume is) metal armor covering him from neck to ankles. The blue tunic he wears looks like cloth or perhaps a soft, well-worn leather. Draped over him, it seems to be an implement of modesty. What other GRAND things are you hiding, Thor?

Perhaps, Coipel's Thor is too fantastical, too unreal. Well, then why did costumers of the Thor movie look to the Ultimates' Thor?

While I prefer this cleaner, simpler look, I still have NO idea what the little circles are for! I do love how this version of Thor retains the same air of magnificence and awe a god deserves without the old-fashioned metal armor OR the cape. I mean, why the hell would he need all that anyway? He doesn't need the extra protection? He's a super powered being, a GOD! after all!

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