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It's Friday afternoon. I am sitting at the library trying to motivate myself to do something useful. I have a stack of books that I should be ploughing through, but I just can't find the energy or the desire to at the moment. I have been sporadically thinking about my upcoming thesis, and at one time even motioned to do some scholarly research on comic books, though I really am not sure what about comics should I research. At first I was really interested in how comic book writers and readers deal with time. I mean, an arc may only take a few hours in comic book land, but it takes weeks before the reader is given the story. In the weeks that pass, writers are also able to insert references into the narratives such as current events that the reader will definitely pick up.

Another idea I thought I wanted to pursue is analyzing comic book covers and find a relation to the time period these were published, etc.

I have other ideas, no doubt influenced by the growing number of comic book literature available to the public as well as the discussions that I have with my husband. I mean, comics offer stories-- stories that can be analysed just as the literature that I am accustomed to reading and writing about. Comics have characters that have personalities that are developed. They have plots that need to be revealed. There, of course, is the visual element-- the art-- used in the work that also influences the story. Comics have dialougues. They have setting, point of view. They use all the literary devices that I know. So, why can't I do a thesis on comics?

Do you guys have any thesis ideas on comics? Do you know of any melding of scholarly work/academia with comic books?

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