Old Comics, New

I grew up reading "Archie," "Snoopy," "Asterix," and "Calvin and Hobbes," and I still love going back and reading through these old goodies once in a while. But I also love it when artists and writers take from older material, basing their own work around them. Sometimes it's poking fun, sometimes it's just inspirational, but whenever I encounter people playing with older characters, I really do love it.

This was sent to me by my interweb-trolling husband just moments ago. And you best be sure I was jumping out of my seat here at the quiet section in the library:

Weapon Brown and Cal-v.1n

I just included the link because I am working at the mo, and didn't want to forget to add this to the blog. So if you want more info, please clickity click click up there.

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Oh Charlie, spit curls never looked manlier till now. Look at that codpiece!
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With Calvin, this is how I expected him to turn out anyway. I hope there are laser-shooting-dinosaurs included.

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