Monstrous Haul: 06/03/10

So my comic book haul this week was rather skimpy, so I ended up doing other things to get my fix. I spent the whole day watching all 3 X-men movies and setting up this blog. I've seen the movies more than I'd like to admit, but what can I say? I can't resist. I'm not saying I absolutely LOVED the movies... or even really like them for that matter because I really don't. In all honesty, the quality of the movies exponentially declined in many ways, not just plot-wise. But I watch them nonetheless. And I'll admit, I got somewhat emotional watching the 3rd movie, and I'm not so sure what prompted that reaction. It may have been the death (gasp) of Scott Summers, who was portrayed to be an annoying whiner. Or, it could have been the majesty of Angel's wings... hmmm. I really think it may have been the latter.

I won't go into any more detail about the movies. Let's move on to something a little bit more current.

Like I said, my haul was pretty light. I thought the much awaited Green Arrow comic was due yesterday, but it wasn't. Pish. So, all I had was iZombie #2 and Franken-Castle. Lots of monsters and freaks in this week's issues.

Let's start with Chris Roberson and Michael Allred's iZombie. I'll be honest. I picked the first issue up last month mainly because of the art. I'm not really big on stories with female leads, and I rarely go for non-mainstream stories. What really attracted me was the stylistic, moddish look of Ellie the ghost and the laid back punkish rendition of zombie Gwen. Would it be dorky for me to say that I like looking for clothing and beauty inspiration in comic books? Let's not even go to the portrayal/objectification issue of women in comics. I just don't care about those, so drop it.
In this second issue, the plot thickens. Gwen's paintings offer a peek into the memories of Frederick Harris, the man whose brains she just ingested. Four big revelations for our supernatural duo:
1. How Fred's wife and son look like.
2. A Mummy murderer???
3. A familiar looking house.
4. A fiery hot redhead who may!!! have led to his death. *gasp*

So, we've got zombies, ghosts, a mummy, and some vampires. Of course, when vampires are present, there are also those who hunt them. The plot seems to be moving at a really fast pace. By the end of the comic, the redhead vampire, Claire, lures Scott's co-workers for a night of "fun." It seems that the mummy knows of and something about Gwen. And the ever adorable Ellie's desire to travel looks as if it could develop into something interesting. So far, so good. It's the second issue, so I'm really looking forward to see where the story goes. I'm not so sure about the monster overload; I just hope there are no werewolves.

7/10 macarons!

Moving on to another monster mash, let's take a look at Rick Remender's Franken- Castle #17. I'll start off, yet again, with commenting about the art. I ♥ Roland Boschi's rendition of Morbius. I can't find a pic online, and I'm too lazy to upload one, so take a look here if you're really interested to check out how the living vampire looks. I also like the way he made Frank Castle look with the clunky and visibly heavy boots and disproportionately small head. He looks brooding and menacing, but also clumsy. This is perhaps setting up a new kind of Punisher, almost-- one who relies more on brawn and his size rather than speed or agility. Kind of like Godzilla, I suppose. It seems to be going on that direction, anyway, as evidenced in the fight scene at the end. I mean, sure, Frank's still got his guns, but he barely moves. I am glad that the monster island arc is over, though. Not that it was bad, but I just am ready for the Punisher (is he still the Punisher?!? or Franken-Castle?!?!) to move on.

7/10 macarons!

I should add that I read all 6 issues of Brad Meltzer's JLA arc on the Red Tornado from 2006/07 and I absolutely loved it. I'm not a huge DC fan to begin with, but that's just because I really am not familiar with any of the characters or storylines. I'm learning though. So, next time, I'll do a post on my insight on that run.

Ciao till later.

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