Laura Loves Comics?

Hi! I'm Laura and I ♥ COMICS!

I'm starting this blog for a few reasons. Firstly, I really want to be able to record and archive my thoughts comics I read. Obviously, I won't be able to write about EACH and EVERY comic, but I'm going to try anyway. Secondly, I am summer break, and I really don't want to stop writing and get suckered into a lull of not working my brain. So this blog will serve as a means of mental exercise. (maybe) Hopefully, I get into the habit of writing, reviewing and such.

My comic history:
By no means am I boasting any kind of expertise. My comic book knowledge is very much mainstream, and I find myself learning (and forgetting) so much about comics with every issue that I read. Since I am continuing to build my foundation in comics, I will probably talk about arcs from ages ago in this blog. Nonetheless, I am an avid fan of everything comic and comic book related. So expect talk about movies, merchandise, etc...

. . .
I am not quite sure what the first comic I read was, or when that was for that matter... but I do know that I started purchasing them on my own (with my sweaty, hard-earned money) when I was 8. Since my allowance was nothing to boast about, I could probably get up to three issues every six months. I was a big fan of X-men and all other "X" titles. My collection was very disconnected. I don't recall ever having two consecutive issues at the time. But I continued reading, anyhow.

About the same time, an uncle allowed me the privilege of reading his collection of Marvel comics from the 70s and 80s. Mostly Spiderman and Avengers comics, I got introduced to a lot of characters that way. THEN, school took over.

For a while, I didn't have the chance to read any comics because of schooling. A long period of time passed before I got into reading them again... about 11 years. Thanks to my husband, (a bona fide comic book enthusiast (*geek???) my interest in comics was renewed. So now, every Wednesday (or so) I am able to relax and get lost in the amazing world of comics.

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