Generation [suck]X

So, after years and years of longing to watch this movie, I finally found (more like remembered, really) it online.

I've included the first part of nine in here, so check it all out when you have the time to. I had a couple hours to spare, so I decided to finally check it out.

I am pretty sure that this movie had no script at all, or if it did, it was all written in one sitting by a small child. I am also convinced that the 90s was this horrible time period where a lack of respect of adult authority and bad fashion collided producing youth with no table manners (like Jubilee shoving a bland looking sandwich in her mouth) and no class (underwear and hiked up spandex as a uniform?) The word "babe" (a 90s coinage, I bet) is a dirty and unappealing garbage that dribbled out of the mouths of 90s youth.

I started listing the qualms I had with the movie- from casting to acting to plot, but I found that writing out what I liked would be much more productive (and a lot shorter).

1. Sean Cassidy- Jeremy Ratchford is HILARIOUS in this movie! Did he mean to be? I'd like to think so.
2. Emma Frost- even though I don't know where the freaky, hurricane-like outburst of powers in the beginning threw me off, Finola Hughes really embodied the shoulder pad-wearing Emma Frost of the 90s comics I loved. Maybe I'm just biased towards any rendition of Emma Frost, but then again, don't be calling that shiny,skinny blonde in the Wolverine movie "Emma," 'cause she ain't her.
3. Nothing else. Oh wait! the campiness of it is a plus! Although, I would much rather watch the original Batman movie over and over again instead of seeing Gen X a second time.

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