Comics Haul- 23.06.10

I'm gonna try out a new thing here. Since I can barely motivate myself to write a full on review, and I'd really like to keep track of all comic books I read each week, I've decided to do shorter reviews (that is, one sentence and MAYBE a bit more) on each comic. I'll keep the sweetness rating, of course :D

BATMAN: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 Grant Morrison
Bruce as the Black Pirate. Bat-people in caves preserve his costume and revere it. I do like pirates.
6/10 macarons

FANTASTIC FOUR #580 Jonathan Hickman
Franklin feels left out because Daddy seems to like spending more time with Valeria. That's understood and explained by uncle Johnny who takes them to the biggest toystore opening owned by Mr. Impossible and... ARCADE (never liked Arcade, never) who claims to be reformed. Fishy and false! Fun day for the kids (Franklin and Leech) and big revelation for Mr. Grimm when Valeria and all the other students come up with formula that can make him human for one week a year. Awesome possum!
7/10 macarons

Zatanna #2 Paul Dini
Man, I'm a sucker for magic. But it has to be done well-- it's gotta be interesting. What can I say about this? Damn, Zatanna has gigantic boobs. If she were a real person, she'd be lugging some triple G's there... Dreams, Great art, I do like this.
7/10 macarons

Green Arrow #1 J.T. Krul

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Amazing cover that caught my attention. I would love a poster size of that. Was so hyped up by the interview I read about making more apparent the connection between Green Arrow and one of my favorite literary figures ever since I was a kid-- Robin Hood. What a disappointment. Ollie is incredibly flat as a character. Where is the emotion? the grief? Also, where is the corruption in Star City? I need more drama; I wish it was more believable. The pacing of the story-- the introduction of the characters, the plot, etc, was just not well thought out.
3/10 macarons, mostly for the awesome cover.

Avengers #2 Bendis
Interesting story and development. I am a big Wonderman Fan, and I am really liking the new Kree Noh-varr. Only qualm really is the art that, to me, looks hastily drawn and unemotional. \

X-Factor #206 Peter David
What's up with Layla Miller??? Where did she get her new bang? And why are Siryn (or Banshee, whatever) and Jamie holding hands??? ?And... Monet is black?

Ultimate Avengers #2
Ultimate Ghostrider's origin story is totally AWESOME. I love that Millar actually spun characters that we all know and made them much more interesting or relevant. This is what the Ultimate Universe should be.

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